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In 2002, Eric decided to start The African American Association of Georgia Food Pantry. 

Dr. Eric Merriweather was born in Memphis, Tennessee. He is a Masters Olympic Athlete Gold Medalist and Masters World Champion in Track and Field. What started as friendly family races soon turned into a way of escape for Eric who suffered from child abuse as a child. 


After battling a near-death experience with his health, Eric decided that he wanted to live a life of purpose. He started a track club for the youth of Metro Atlanta in the hopes that sports would not give children a way up, but a way out of their living situations. After seeing how many children weren’t able to fully participate due to lack of provision for their basic needs, In 2002, Eric decided to start The African American Association of Georgia Food Pantry. 



Over the years the organization has received numerous awards including a resolution from Governor Deal and the Georgia State Senate for the 7,000+ families that have received food, clothing, and personal hygiene products. In 2007, Hank Johnson declared July 20-21 as AAAG Day.


In 2020, The African American Association has expanded to The African American Association of USA and has developed international partnerships to help youth in rural parts of Jamaica, WI. With the increased need for basic necessities, seeing how many families have been dependent on the 450+ pounds of food families receive monthly, Dr. Merriweather has decided that it’s time to do more. His vision for an Education and Sports Complex will not only provide for basic needs, but will also provide free access to life skills programs, STEAM-based education, mentoring, and sports teams for youth and their families. This project is currently underway and scheduled to be completed by 2023.


Dr. Merriweather has an Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy from Trinity International University of Ambassadors and is the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from President Obama. 


In 2007, Hank Johnson declaration July 20-21 as AAAG Day.

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